9 reasons why new mothers would benefit from journaling

Both gratitude and expressive writing have been proven to have a positive impact on your health. It’s one of the healthiest coping mechanism you can use.

It's easy. You can instantly make Moments a part of your daily life, and you only need a few minutes every evening. Perfect for busy, sleep-deprived moms who only have a few minutes to spare before passing out for a few precious hours each night. Moments also includes well-structured questions that guide you through your journaling journey, even if you’ve never touched a journal before.

You’ll Make More Memories. Time flies, especially when you’re raising a tiny human. Journaling helps you to collect hundreds (if not thousands) of thoughts, ideas, and special moments throughout your journaling journey. While we all tend to forget things as we get older, one retrospective peek at your Moments journal will bring positive memories flooding back. You’ll see how much you’ve grown, and you’ll be much better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way. Mothers are well-known for being incredibly sentimental and nostalgic creatures – so imagine rediscovering this journal 20, 30, even 50 years from now!

It’s healthy. Both gratitude and express writing have been proven to have a positive impact on your health. It’s supported by research and backed by science. Experts hail journaling as a powerful way to deal with depression and anxiety caused by past trauma or current stressors, while effectively managing daily symptoms. It’s the healthiest coping mechanism you can use! A lot of the anxiety we feel psychologically can manifest physically, so don’t be surprised if you experience fewer headaches, renewed energy, and less sickness in general when you practice expressive writing on the daily.

You’ll gain clarity. Motherhood is a lot of things, and confusing is one of them. Over time, journaling will help you gain clarity and sort things out as you go. Introspect forces you to see every challenge – and every moment – from a different perspective, and the view from this angle might surprise you

It’s built on proven psychology principles. Positive psychology research unearthed neurological reasons behind the benefits of practicing gratitude daily.Scientists have actually measured its effects, showing that deeper appreciation generates lasting positivity. Countless reports have found that the practice of gratitude literally changes your brain. Yes – giving thanks can make you happier! By focusing on the positives in your life, instead of dwelling on the negatives, you can conquer anxiety and stress.

It’s Creative! Journaling lets you brainstorm and conceive creative solutions every single night. You never know, you might just have that “lightbulb” moment as to why your child isn’t sleeping or is refusing to eat anything other than chocolate and ketchup.

You can vent. You might not be able to tell your boss what you think of them to their face, and you might not have the heart to tell that mom down the road to stop telling you what your baby’s crying means, but your journal is all ears. No matter what you’re going through, your journal is your companion, confidant, and unbiased amigo when life gets tough. In fact, studies suggest that it’s CRUCIAL to express emotions in some way instead of leaving them to fester and manifest negatively, sending you into full-blown adult tantrum mode.

Journaling Prioritizes Self-Care. This daily guided journal for new mothers is the ultimate form of self-care. By setting aside just a few minutes a day – be it by waking up a little earlier or as a way to wind down before bed – you are giving yourself the ultimate gift. This journal is your guide in navigating the winding road of motherhood. As your strongest support structure and the biggest mascot in your corner, we want to help you shape and create the life and happiness you want.

It rewires your brain. Studies show that when you focus more energy on what you’re grateful for, instead of what’s “going wrong”, you can literally rewire the neural pathways in your brain which have been built on a lifetime of indoctrination. Focusing on gratitude scientifically strengthens these pathways, because the more we focus on a recurring positive thoughts and behaviors, the more our prefrontal cortex creates NEW neural “gratitude pathways”. One study showed that, around three months after a series of psychotherapy sessions, participants who had written gratitude letters were found to experience different brain activity than those who hadn’t. An fMRI scanner was used to prove that the brain waves of those who felt more grateful were drastically different from those who experienced feelings of guilt – with the former showing greater medial prefrontal cortex activation.





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