M O M E N T S - The journal
M O M E N T S - The journal
M O M E N T S - The journal
M O M E N T S - The journal
M O M E N T S - The journal
M O M E N T S - The journal
M O M E N T S - The journal
M O M E N T S - The journal
M O M E N T S - The journal

M O M E N T S - The journal

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Whether your baby is in your arms already or still in your tummy, M O M E N T S is here to help you finally find time for yourself, each and every day (yes, it’s possible – you’ll see soon enough!)

Designed by mothers, for mothers and backed by psychologists, this journal exists to help you master motherhood in your own way, embracing the “new you” through gratitude, visualization, and a focus on your mindset.

  • 10% of our profits go to charitable organizations helping mothers in need
  • Designed and made in Canada with eco-friendly materials

As seen in

The journal for moms that helps you find a moment for yourself (!)


✓Well-structured questions
✓6 months of journaling

✓ Inspiring quotes each day

Undated for pressure-free
 ✓Strong and resilient (just like you)
 ✓Beautifully made (just like you)



Quick and easy



Designed and made in Canada using 100% recycled quality, thick 120 GSM paper
Fabric lovingly sourced from Italy
Dimensions : Height X Width : 8.5 '' X 5.5''


Being a new mother is hard. It’s the hardest job in the world, in fact. Most new mothers admit that it’s difficult to watch their own needs take a backseat. Naturally, your tiny human’s needs come first. But what about you? To take care of them to the fullest, YOU need to take care of yourself first. But where do you begin? You don’t even have time to think about mindlessly binge-watching a random show, let alone “sleep while the baby sleeps” (what does that even mean, anyway?).

The ultimate tool for self-care

Whether you’re a journaling pro or have never touched a diary in your life before, MOMENTS won’t take more than a few minutes out of each day (sleep is precious, we know). But trust us – and the moms already MOMENT’ing every day – these will few minutes will be precious and well needed. Why? Because you’ll get a moment for yourself. You still exist, your emotions are valid and you need a little TLC too.

Your daily reflection
1. Undated, no guilt of missing a few days
2. Inspiring quotes from inspiring women
3. Reflect and understand your emotions
4. Your reminder to take care of yourself
5. A grateful mindset can go a long way
6. End your day with a positive intention

Frequently asked questions

With motherhood comes all kinds of emotions (sometimes VERY contradictory) to even questioning your ability as a mother. We’ve all been there.

That’s why writing is truly a liberating exercise. The daily questions in the journal encourage you to take a step back and reflect while gratitude is your ally to see the good in every day. 

Perhaps, even give you a new perspective on you concerns.

The benefits of journaling and gratitude are extensive and proven by scientific research. 

Psychologists have also confirmed the power of writing it all down on paper. It may improve anxiety, stress and promotes a better management of one’s emotions. 

An AMAZING idea ! 

Finally a gift only for HER – among all the ones only intended for the baby. 

Every mom, whether you are a new mom or a third time mom - the questions are universal and will fit into your daily life.

Bonus; It has over 90 feel-good quotes from inspiring women about motherhood and life.

A blank paper may be intimidating for many of us. That’s why we created this guided journal, for you!

 According to James Clear (AKA the habit master), in order to stick to a habit, it has to be easy and attractive. From its conception to its looks, Moments was designed to be efficient and enjoyable. The journal will fit and look stunning in any home decor ;) 

Still not convinced ? We are sure you will love it as much as we do and that is why you can try it for yourself.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Genevieve Bouchard

J'adore ce livre, permet de prendre un petit 5 minutes par jour pour moi.

Nathalie Otus

Très bien fait ma belle fille a aimé beaucoup quand elle l’a ouvert la boîte voire une lettre adressée à sont nom

Elisabeth Desroches
Moments excellent !!!

J’adore ce livre, il me permet à tous les soirs de prendre un 3 min dans le calme et faisant un recap de la journée

Jessie Trottier-Chabot
Très bien conçu

Adapté à la réalité d'une maman, facile à remplir, simple et surtout rapide. J'adore aussi le fait que ce ne soit pas daté, comme ça, on ne perd pas de page si on saute quelques journées (les imprévus d'une famille ein).

Laurie Cossette

Très beau journal de qualité !