M O M E N T S - The journal for moms
M O M E N T S - The journal for moms
M O M E N T S - The journal for moms
M O M E N T S - The journal for moms
M O M E N T S - The journal for moms
M O M E N T S - The journal for moms
M O M E N T S - The journal for moms
M O M E N T S - The journal for moms

M O M E N T S - The journal for moms

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The emotional support moms need

The MOMENTS journal is a thoughtful companion specifically designed to support new mothers during the postpartum journey. It offers a safe and nurturing space for mothers to express their emotions, reflect on their experiences, and find comfort during this transformative phase of life.

This journal was created with the help of psychologists to encourage self-awareness, helping moms gain insight into their feelings, triggers, and patterns of thinking.

We're determined to make a difference in the mental health support for mothers, one page at a time. 


✓ Well-structured questions to navigate motherhood, one day at a time
✓ 6 months of daily writing space
✓ Inspiring quotes each day
✓ Undated for flexibility and pressure-free journaling
✓ Designed and made in Canada using 100% quality, thick 120 GSM paper
✓ Recycled FSC-Certified fibers, fabric lovingly sourced from Italy
✓ Strong and resilient (just like you)
✓ Beautifully made (just like you)

Dimensions : Height X Width : 8.5 '' X 5.5''

From moms to moms

We stand by our products.

If you don’t experience a significant change in your life after three months of journaling with M O M E N T S, we’ll give your money back, no questions asked.

But we’re yet to see one happy mom take us up on this offer! That’s how confident we are in the value of this daily guided journal for new mothers :)

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5 minutes a day

M O M E N T S is the self-care tool that all mothers need. 💓

It's about giving - or giving ourselves - 5 precious minutes every day to unwind, express ourselves, empty our hearts, and see things a little more clearly.

This is the journal that finally takes on the frustrations, but also the joys of motherhood. Without judging, ever.


For those who feel a bit overwhelmed and a little alone, even though their heart bursts with love as they watch their little one sleep. For those who lack time and have their emotions all over the place.

For you, for me, for us.

Ana, xo

The ultimate tool for self-care

Whether you’re a journaling pro or have never touched a diary in your life before, MOMENTS won’t take more than a few minutes out of each day (sleep is precious, we know). But trust us – and the moms already MOMENT’ing every day – these will few minutes will be precious and well needed. Why? Because you’ll get a moment for yourself. You still exist, your emotions are valid and maybe you need a little TLC too.

Your Postpartum Emotional Essential

Think of it this way. When we fly, the stewards and hostesses always tell us that, in the event of an emergency, we must secure our OWN oxygen masks first before helping others. Why?

Because we can’t help anyone else unless we help ourselves first.

Prioritizing your own needs is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary – it’s something to be PROUD of. Self-care doesn’t only make you more capable as a parent, but it also teaches your children the importance of taking care of yourself as well.



Well-structured questions

Lasts for 6 months of daily journaling

Undated (it's normal to skip a few days)

Strong and resilient (just like you)

Beautifully made (just like you)


Journaling Prioritizes Self-Care

Built on proven psychology principles

Feel-good quotes when you need it the most

One of the healthiest coping mechanism you can use.


Designed and made in Canada

100% recycled FSC certifier paper

100% cotton cover fabric lovingly sourced from Italy

Lay-flat binding

5.5 inches x 8.25 inches

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A journal made with love, reflection and sensitivity, you can feel it. This journal invites reflection, introspection without the anxiety of the blank page.

Dr. Nicole Reeves
Ph.D - Clinical psychologist

If you're a mom or know one, I think this journal is the perfect gift for her. Because you will be giving her much more than a notebook to scribble in. You will give her the chance not to forget herself.


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Sydney Crowe
Love the simplicity

As a busy mom (my girls are 10 & 8) I am constantly on the go and journalling has never been something that felt easy to me. I love that I can write how my days are going and what I am grateful for using the prompts and am able to stay consistent!

Merissa Potel

Vraiment beau journal, j'étais très contente lorsque je l'ai reçu (de moi à moi). J'ai adoré la petite note manuscrite, merci de prendre le temps, ça a faite chaud au coeur! Je suis contente d'avoir encouragé local en plus. Je suis à ma première semaine et j'aime réfléchir à ma journée et y mettre des mots pour mieux me comprendre par la suite. Je recommande 😍

J'adore !

J'aime beaucoup mon journal, il me permet de fixer mes objectifs pour le lendemain et ainsi d'être moins perdue. J'aime que ça ne prenne que 5 min à remplir, c'est le premier journal qui ne me demande pas un trop grand effort à quotidiennement. Ça se fait naturellement. Merci beaucoup :)

Anna Pontes
Le plus beau cadeau

J’ai reçu comme cadeau et je suis ravie. C’est très beau, bien fait et une journal remplie de sensibilité. C’est très bon de penser à la maman à ce moment difficile et sensible de la femme qui est souvent oublié à l’arrivée du bébé. Félicitation pour le formidable travail. Je suis déjà curieuse pour voir quoi d’autre l’entreprise va avoir dans les prochaines années. 💕

Carole Rivest
Très beau cadeau à offrir!

Ce journal est un très bel objet. Je tiens à féliciter l’équipe de Moments pour son excellent service, la qualité exceptionnelle de ce journal et de sa présentation dans sa jolie boîte. J’ai été très agréablement surprise par la carte manuscrite adressée à la maman et insérée dans les premières pages du journal. Quelle délicate attention. Merci
Je l’ai offert à ma fille pour la fête des mères, elle qui vient de compléter une première année de vie avec son magnifique poupon. Je crois qu’il s’inscrira de belle façon dans son plan « Bien-être »